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The Dancers Toolbox

Are you a dancer visiting Los Angeles but don't know where to take class? Do you live in New York and have a hard time keeping track of dance events and auditions? Well, this is the perfect app for you!

The Dancer’s Toolbox has the addresses, phone numbers, class prices, and class schedules for the top studios all around the world! All the info you need is right here in one app! Additionally, we have a calendar of events and audition information that are updated daily! Included is a button to add any event, class, or audition to your personal calendar as a reminder and for each user's personal enjoyment!

Download this app now to get your dance info!

If you want to add your studio or dance event to the Nappytabs app, please email us at

  • Submit Your Studio
  • Find an audition near you
  • Check Out Local Events
  • Available on iPhone, iPad & Google Play