Q: Can I use these dances in class or at a competition?

A: You are welcome to use the choreography for class if you need a little extra help. For dance shows, please credit the choreographer in the program (Choreography by: "Your Name" w/"Dance App Choreographer Name"). For competitions, it's best not to use The Dance App choreography because you may run into another subscriber who just may call you out! Bottom line, this is a tool for YOU...but please be smart, give credit, and have fun!

Q: Whom do I contact with questions?


Q: Why won't my app open?

A: Your memory may be full or your aren't running the latest software for your device. Please do a restart your device and make sure no other apps are running, then try again. Also make sure to check for any software updates.

Q: Why is there no sound on my app?

A: Please check to make sure the sound is up and activated on your device. Check by playing a song on your device to make sure the sound is activated and turned up.