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Learn the dance moves that made Autie famous! “Autie’s Signature Dance Moves” comes with tutorials and demonstrations, a fun combo to help you practice all of the skills in the app, and a cool memory matching game featuring photos by @sharkcookie for each users personal enjoyment! Can you remember where Autie's pictures are and match them before the time runs out?!

This app is perfect for intermediate and advanced dancers looking to learn difficult dance skills. And who better to show you then one of the best child dancers in the world?! Download "Autie's Signature Moves" today!

Just who is Autie Miller? With over 300,000 followers world wide, Autumn "Autie" Miller is taking over the dance world! Some of her recent credits include a McDonalds commercial, a Target Campaign, and a partnership with Hasbro. Additionally, her YouTube Channel, “Autie’s Freestyle Fridays,” has over 100,000 subscribers, making it one of the most watched dance channels online! Autumn Miller is undeniably one of today’s breakout dance stars, so why not learn from one of the best? Get this app today and start learning her signature moves!