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If you're a dancer looking to improve your flexibility and practice some basic leg extensions, you should definitely download "Extensions & Tilts with Autumn Miller". Autumn is one of the most famous up and coming young dancers on the planet with over 250,000 followers world wide tuned into "Auties Freestyle Friday and following her on Instagram.

She has danced for Willow Smith in her "Whip My Hair" music video, appeared on Paula Abdul's show "Live to Dance," Disney's "Shake it Up," Fox's Hit Show "Mobbed," and she was a featured performer on "Dancing with the Stars" twice!

In this app, Autumn will show you how to do some beginning leg extensions including battements, tilts, fan kicks, and even a cool "special move!" Additionally, "Extensions & Tilts with Autumn Miller" comes with an interview and a star system so each user can track their progress!