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Learn the dance moves that made Autumn Miller famous! “Autie’s Signature Dance Moves” comes with tutorials and demonstrations, a fun combo to help you practice all of the skills in the app, and a cool memory matching game featuring photos by @sharkcookie for each users personal enjoyment!
B-Boy Freezes & Floorwork is a great app for beginning breaker dancers! This app is coached by the amazing Ricky Cole (ABDC's Mos Wanted Crew and World of Dance) and JD Rainey (Chris Brown backup dancer and lead dancer in the movie "Battle of the Year) breaking down various freezes and floorwork exercises! All the videos include them breaking down each move and doing it to music.
Learn Basic Dance Turns from one of the best turners in the world, Sophia Lucia! Sophia is a 10 year old dance prodigy that just broke The Guinness Book of World Records for doing the most amount of consecutive pirouettes. She did 55 pirouettes! You may have seen her recently on "Dance Moms," "Dancing with the Stars," and on "Ellen."
Are you a dancer visiting Los Angeles but don't know where to take class? Do you live in New York and have a hard time keeping track of dance events and auditions? Well, this is the perfect app for you! The Dancer’s Toolbox has the addresses, phone numbers, class prices, and class schedules for the top studios all around the world!
Learn Dance Tricks with 10 year old dance prodigy and breakout Star of "Dance Mom's" Sophia Lucia! This app is for intermediate and advanced dancers that want to learn more difficult skills such as Leg Hold Turns, Second Turns, Multiple Pirouettes, and Cupe Turns! Sophia also gives advice and analogies for how to successfully complete these difficult tricks!
Dance classes in Los Angeles, CA can cost up to $25. The Dance App is bringing you the best dancers, teachers, and choreographers from L.A. (and around the world) to you in the palm of your hand. By purchasing The Dance App, you will be given 5 full dance lessons from "So You Think You Can Dance" Contestants Kent Boyd and Katee Shean, Youtube’s Most Watched Dance Duo Janelle Ginestra & Dejan Tubic, Jerome Alexander (Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga Dancer), and Kevin Andrews (Big & Rich and Country Music Awards Dancer).
If you're a dancer looking to practice some basic leg extensions, you should definitely download "Extensions & Tilts with Autumn Miller". Autumn is one of the most famous up and coming young dancers on the planet with over 250,000 followers world wide tuned into "Auties Freestyle Friday and following her on Instagram. She has danced for Willow Smith in her "Whip My Hair" music video, appeared on Paula Abdul's show "Live to Dance," Disney's "Shake it Up," Fox's Hit Show "Mobbed," and she was a featured performer on "Dancing with the Stars" twice!