Are you a dancer visiting Los Angeles
but don't know where to take class?
Do you live in New York and have a
hard time keeping track of events?
Well, this is the perfect app for you!

This is the perfect app for those interested in developing their turning technique. It comes with a ballet dictionary, pictures, and even a turning game, so you can keep track of your progress.
Extensions & Tilts

with Autumn Miller
This app is perfect for dancers looking to learn basic leg exercises!
Additionally, the app comes with pictures of Autumn in specific dance positions, bloopers, interviews, and is updated with exclusive content!

What our customers are saying

“Easily availability, low price, and high quality instruction – these are the key elements that make up this great app.”
Step X Step Dance
“I love this app!! It has shown me stretches that help A LOT!! I've already gotten into my left splits within a week with doing all of these stretches everyday!!”
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Dance Apps Inc is owned and operated by Kevin Andrews, Jerome Alexander, and Stacy Hagen. Kevin currently lives in Nashville, Jerome lives in LA, and Stacy lives in Orange County. They have actually never been in the same room at the same time!
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Our apps are educational, entertaining, and informative. Whether you want to learn choreography or find out who's teaching at your favorite studio in Los Angeles, we have the perfect apps for you. They are affordable, user friendly, and feature some of today's best artists. See for yourself!
How we work
We are always looking to create new and exciting apps! Sometimes we will approach artists and see if they want to create an app, and sometimes artists will approach us. If you have an app idea, please email us at